Why Handmade?

Our shoes, designed and created with love and dedication to quality, are entirely handmade in Europe. We never compromise on standards regarding the most important shoes in the world, the ones your child will wear. 

We begin with the finest of materials, high grade Italian leather and German nubuck. These supple full grained leathers are veg-tanned and free of carcinogenic chromium, ensuring that they are non-toxic, breathable, and flexible.

After years of creating and experimenting, we know that during assembly no machine is able to properly sense the tension necessary to produce a shoe that has wonderfully soft, thin leather yet still manages to provide the support little feet need. We use an incredibly detailed, delicate process, always protecting the 1mm leather, so that our finished product will shine throughout the entire use of your child.

Every shoe is assembled without plastic stiffeners or metallic nails. Our team of artisans subject each shoe to careful quality control and structural verification before approval for distribution. This enables us to ensure total product safety and dependability.