About Us

Over 30 years, Emel has become the standard of handmade children’s shoes in Europe. Established in 1990 to meet the growing expectations of parents, Emel created hundreds of lasts and models to fit children’s feet. After decades of study, Emel has become the expert in children's needs for their first steps.

We produce meticulously handmade, award-winning, quality shoes from the finest materials and backed by industry-leading orthopedic insoles. We believe every child deserves a perfect first step. Emel shoes support your child from the first step to running, skipping, and hopping.

At Emel, we understand that your little one has an indi-kid-ual style. We produce hundreds of models with countless variants in color, texture, material, and closures. The handwork is done with a small, efficient team of skilled artisans for the world's most discerning clients.

Not only will your child look stylish, but you can feel at ease that they promote your child’s correct development.

Whether on their heels or toes, your little one's feet are always protected:

  • Outer Soles- durable, lightweight, non-slip, shape-retaining yet flexible; promoting natural movement that allows tendons, ligaments, and muscles to grow and develop properly
  • Toe box- breathable, comfortable, and spacious; the perfect fit to grow and to expand
  • Insoles- thin, natural, breathable leather; the support and cushioning to assist proper alignment and posture
  • Heel- comfortable padding and stable structure that protect without hindering a full range of movement
  • Lining- breathable, comfortable, and thin yet perfectly structured.